Jquery .bind() Function Example

 Posted On  | Yashwant Chavan 

Most of the time we deal with events through Jquery functions. As the names imply, Jquery .bind() is used to simply attach a handler to an event for the elements. So let start with different examples of Jquery .bind() function.

Jquery  Jquery Events 

ListIterator Example In Java

 Posted On  | Yashwant Chavan 

ListIterator extended from Iterator interface and it allow to traverse a list bidirectional. You can use next() and previous() methods to traverse forward and backward direction. In below example we will iterate elements using ListIterator interface in both direction (forward and backward).

Java  Iterator 

Jquery .resize() function Example

 Posted On  | Yashwant Chavan 

Today we are going to learn about Jquery .resize() function along with demo example. In early days before css media queries, developers use javascript functions to adjust the content / navigation menu script positioning when ever the window size get resized


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