Jquery .filter() function example

 Posted On  | Yashwant Chavan 

Jquery provides .filter() function to reduce the set of matching DOM elements. In this tutorial we will learn about jquery .filter() function along with filter( selector ), .filter( function ), .filter( elements ) and .filter( selection ) examples.

Jquery  Jquery Filter 

Jquery .stop() Function Example

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Sometimes we need to stop an animation or effects before it finishes. The Jquery .stop() function is used to stop an animation and effects before it get finished. The .stop() function works with different effects, sliding, fading and animations.


How to get File Extension Using Java

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Most of the time we required file extension while processing File I/O operation. But in Java don't have any in build File API which will give you file extension. So below written utility method will help you to get the file extension.


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