Pagination Using Php Codeigniter

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This tutorial will introduce you to codeigniter pagination concept. What you will find in this tutorial is that codeigniter pagination encompasses many areas , including pagination configuration , pagination controller , pagination model and pagination view page. With the help of this example you can easily learn codeigniter pagination concept.

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Jquery .find() Function Example

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.find() function is used to find all descendants of an element in the current set of matched elements, which is filtered by a selector, object or element. In below example it return all the matched elements that are descendants of ul tag

Jquery  Jquery Find 

Jquery .slice() Function Example

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.slice() function reduces the set of matched elements to a subset specified by a range of indices. It accepts two parameters startIndex and endIndex. Second parameter is optional parameter. It will the return you the elements between the startIndex and endIndex.

Jquery  Jquery Slice 

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