Getting started

In this tutorial, You will learn how to increment table field value using PHP Codeigniter. Recently I have implemented this in my blog when the article page viewed increment the view count by 1.
CodeIgniter is open source web application development framework for PHP. It is base on Model View Controller (MVC) pattern, which helps to separate the application's concerns and isolates the front-end and back-end code. It provides many core libraries and reusable helper classes which helps to speed up your development process.
While working on file download functionality using codeigniter , I am getting below fatal error: Call to undefined function force_download() , Refer below stack trace for more details.
In this tutorial I will show you how to download file using codeigniter. This code is pretty much simple to understand, Here we are using force_download() function, which will help to download the file content from server location.
This small article will help you to find out which version of Php codeigniter is using. There are couple of ways to do that.
Recently I have upgraded my local XAMPP to its latest version, which is causing below issue in my existing PHP Codeigniter projects. I am using PHP Version 5.6.15 and its compatible apache version (Apache/2.4.17) .
In this article we are going to learn about Google new recaptcha API. Google has simplified the classic CAPTCHA process to protect your website from spam and abuse. Here I am going to use PHP codeigniter to connect with Google captcha API. So let start with with step by step guide.
Are you developing user authentication using php codeigniter? Then this tutorial is going to teach you how to build a simple login form with codeigniter.
This tutorial will introduce you to codeigniter pagination concept. What you will find in this tutorial is that codeigniter pagination encompasses many areas , including pagination configuration , pagination controller , pagination model and pagination view page. With the help of this example you can easily learn codeigniter pagination concept.
This tutorial will help you to learn join query using php codeigniter. Table joins are essential part in application development while displaying the records from multiple tables. So lets have a closer look.