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Getting started

Currently I am doing one small POC, to integrate my codeigniter application with Facebook API, So that I can authenticate my user using facebook login. While playing with API, I am getting an error "Facebook needs the CURL PHP extension". Refer below error details.
This tutorial will help you to setup the Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 with Php Codeigniter Framework. Its great combination to design UI in bootstrap and server side functionality is in Php codeigniter. This blog is also developed in Bootstrap and Php codeigniter framework.
In User registration process, most of the time user enters wrong Email Id or Junk email Id to prevent this we are going to actually verify the user email address by sending the verification code on his/her email id. Let have a closer how to do this using Php Codeigniter
Today we are going to learn how to create Breadcrumb using twitter bootstrap and Php Codeigniter. Breadcrumb is the most common requirement in the web application which is used to improve your user navigation experience. Breadcrumb navigation provides simplified paths to reach out the desired contents. Typically appear horizontally on top of a web page.
Today we are going to learn how to generate alphanumeric unique ID using Php Codeigniter. Some times there is requirement to generate the unique id, But most of the time we are going to write our logic. But Php Codeigniter provides some utility classes, which simplify our need. One of them is string utility class.
In below article we are going to learn how Gmail star bookmark works with the help of Jquery ajax , Php Codeigniter and Mysql. There are lots Jquery plugins available like star bookmarking or star rating plugins but this is little bit different.You have seen this functionality in Gmail mail box. Lets have a closer look how it works.
Today we are going to learn more about server side validation using php codeigniter framework. Basically validation happens on server side, so for that you need to define the validation rules, error messages.Follow the below steps to do the server side validation.
Most of the time we have to implement live search using ajax to lookup user directory or employee search. Today we are going to implement Jquery ajax live search. We are going to made Jquery ajax request after three characters and get the response in the form of json object and display the response content dynamically.
Today we are going to write simple code for voting system using jQuery ajax and Php Codeigniter Framework. Many people may be called as thumbs like / dislike or rating plugin. Basically it used to identify the visitors like dislike for your article or post.
There are lots of websites like and which implemented this kind of solution with the help of Jquery Ajax. It's a modern technique to load json or xml data while scrolling the webpage. This tutorial helps to write jQuery infinite scroll plugin to load data on vertical scroll-bar