Codeigniter Tutorials

Getting started

Your web application required database connectivity. To do the connection with database you need to configure the username, password and database details etc. Lets have close look to configure the database in Php Codeigniter framework.
Breadcrumb navigation provides the simple facility to indicate the steps, or path or how user has reach to the current page of a website. Its a simple navigation approach. Now a days website depth is increased, so the website should have provision of Breadcrumb bar which shows the depth of pages.
Now a days every website owners design there website, which have easy navigation, SEO friendly pages. It help to engage users on there website, will have more page views. For the time being will are going to concentrate on SEO friendly URL part. When foundation keywords occurs in website URL it gives you more benefit than ordinary URLs. Because of SEO friendly URLs it drive more traffic on your website. In this topic we are going to cover how to build SEO friendly URLS using Php CodeIgniter.
Lets start with step by step guide to create RSS feed using PHP Codeigniter framework.In one of my article I had covered What is RSS and How it works?, First go through this article, you will get the fair idea about RSS feed and how it is useful.
Most of the time clients ask to implement username is already exist or not while user registration of functionality. Its very easy to implement using jquery ajax , PHP Codeigniter and Mysql database. Let have closer look.
In this section we are cover how to delete record using JQuery animated slide-up and fadeout effect. Here is the example to do with jQuery.
Lets start with step by step guide to make Ajax call using Jquery to Php Codeigniter Controller, Controller receives the request and send response in Json array format.
CodeIgniter provided image manipulation classes let helps to do image resizing, thumbnail creation , image cropping, image rotating , image watermarking. Here we see how image resizing works.
I last section we saw how to setup codeignitor project. Now we are concentrate on Database side. Let start with insert record example using codeignitor DB classes.
Codeigniter supported inbuilt Email library class which simplify the email sending process. To send email we need to do some configuration , need to load email library.codeigniter supports Multiple Protocols, Mail, Sendmail, and SMTP, Multiple recipients, CC and BCCs,HTML or Plain text email, Attachments ,Word wrapping and many more