How to Add Speech Recognition to your Website
This tutorial helps you to add speech recognition to your website.Just add x-webkit-speech to your text input field in a html form. Let have a closer look how it works.
JQuery PHP & MySQL Username Availability Checker
Most of the time clients ask to implement username is already exist or not while user registration of functionality. Its very easy to implement using jquery ajax , PHP Codeigniter and Mysql database. Let have closer look.
Animated AJAX Record Deletion Using jQuery and PHP CodeIgniter Framework
In this section we are cover how to delete record using JQuery animated slide-up and fadeout effect. Here is the example to do with jQuery.
How to align images side by side using html and css
In this article we are going to learn how to align images side by side using css properties.
Best practices for speed up your website
There are several ways to improve your website speed. In this section we will learn the best practices to optimize your web site pages. No body likes the site which have lower performance, most of the time people will leave your pages if it took more time to load.
Quick but effective SEO tips to get you started
Lets start with step by step SEO Tutorial, tips and tricks which will help you stand in crowd. Now a days every business has own website to represent there business. Most of the website are well design ,attractive but don't have Google, Yahoo , Bing search engine page ranking.Here we have some effective tips to improve page ranking in search engine.
How to display profile picture in google search results
This article is related to the new feature of Google Authorship. Google can display Your name and profile image beside Google search result. In SEO prospective this will help you to grow your website traffic. Please follow the below steps to add your authorship against your contents.
How to rotate of div using CSS transformations Example
The CSS transform property is used to rotate HTML block in any degree.Same way you can rotate images also. we will step by step to rotate block using css.
You should know these websites while programming
Find world most popular software technology websites. Day to day we use most of programming languages but many of the developers, new comers facing issues to find out the importation about that technology. Here we are going to list out the most useful websites which is used while software development.
Jquery AJAX post example with Php CodeIgniter framework
Lets start with step by step guide to make Ajax call using Jquery to Php Codeigniter Controller, Controller receives the request and send response in Json array format.