How to display Indian rupee symbol in web pages using html css
On March 5, 2009 Indian Government announced a symbol to represent Indian currency rupee. Before this symbol , the most commonly used symbols for the rupee were Rs or INR. Most of the web application using image or icon for Rupee symbol, But no need to use this.
How to create complex chart using google chart api
Lets start with basics of Google Chart API to make charts.Most complex application required to show data in the chart format. Chart is a graphical representation of data. More readable than numbers.
How to get file last modified date in java
In this section , you are going to learn how to get the file last modification date and time using java io API
How to download file using servlet
Some times there is requirement to download file using servlet program. File is either pdf report , xls report, jar format, word format other format
Sort collection using comparable and comparator in java
Let have quick look on sorting technique in java, Using inbuilt sorting API and own customization sorting.
How to resize image in php codeigniter
CodeIgniter provided image manipulation classes let helps to do image resizing, thumbnail creation , image cropping, image rotating , image watermarking. Here we see how image resizing works.
How to get mysql auto increment key value using java jdbc
JDBC 3.0 introduced to get auto generated keys using getGeneratedKeys() method, It return the ResultSet object with the help of next() method of result set we retrieve the auto generated key value.
JDBC Statement Insert record example
In this tutorial, You will learn how to Insert record into database table using JDBC Statement. This step by step guide will help you to create database connection, create sql Statement to perform the database insertion operation.
JDBC Statement Update record example
Jdbc Statement Update record example
How to insert record in the table using php codeigniter
I last section we saw how to setup codeignitor project. Now we are concentrate on Database side. Let start with insert record example using codeignitor DB classes.