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While searching on Google today I had found something new on Google search result page. Google shows "people related to" that topic (search query) on the right hand side of the page. What is this new feature how this is helpful to the Googler? So I am trying to find out more details on this topic.
Eclipse editor is most widely used editor in the programming world. Today we will see the eclipse Shortcuts which is helpful to you.
To set the div on centering position , you need to define side margin either in em, pixel or percentage units. When you define margin in percentage or in em it will move in and out depending on the size of the browser window.
Google Fiber offering lighting speed internet service which a different kind of internet having intern-ate speed of 1000 Mb per second. such amazing high speed connection is 100 times faster than today's average broadband speed.
In this tutorial we are going to cover how to keep SQL queries outside java file. As we know that ClassPathXmlApplicationContext is used to loads context information from an XML file which is present in classpath. We put our queries in xml file and with the help of application context we load that queries base on ids. Lets have a closer look.
Rss is nothing but Really Simple Syndication. What is then "Simple Syndication" RSS is a way of distributing of webpages links to your website content that you want to make it popular.
Step by step guide to learn spring jdbctemplate example along with bean database configuration. Learn how to execute a select query using spring jdbc. Spring JDBC is an abstraction of core JDBC.There are lots of benefits to use Spring jdbc over core jdbc. Like Open the connection, Specify the statement, Prepare and execute the statement, Process any exception Handle transactions and Close the connection.
This is a simple example showing how to setup Spring MVC application. Before that I am considering that you are aware about MVC design pattern. Still want to add liner information about MVC Design pattern.
One of my colleague facing some configuration issues with spring interceptor, Long time back I did that but not able to recall, how to configure spring interceptor. So started digging on this topic on Google and find out the solution. And outcome is in front of you in the form of this article. Lets have a closer look on how to configure Spring Interceptor.
JQuery provides flexibility to write your custom plugins with the help of inbuilt APIs. Today we are going to learn how to create own plugin. For that we need to have some basic knowledge of Jquery framework and javascript programming. JQuery made developer life easy with help of plugin development, Its a component base approach which provides flexibility to use existing component without any hassle. Let have a closer look.