Jquery Tutorials

Getting started

JQuery provides flexibility to write your custom plugins with the help of inbuilt APIs. Today we are going to learn how to create own plugin. For that we need to have some basic knowledge of Jquery framework and javascript programming. JQuery made developer life easy with help of plugin development, Its a component base approach which provides flexibility to use existing component without any hassle. Let have a closer look.
Jquery Validator plugin is simple and easy to use. The purpose of web form validation is to ensure that the user is not entering wrong data. There two types of validations 1]server side validation and 2] client side validation. We will perform the client side validation using jquery validator plugin api
Quick Guide to Write Hello World Program in Jquery. Latest Jquery version is stable and usable in all modern browsers.Juqery core library available in two format minified versions and development (Full) version. To start with Jquery Hello World Program we need download the Jquery javascript.