MongoDB Create User

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In this tutorial we will learn how to creates a new user for the database using db.createUser() method and provide the respected user roles.

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mongoDB Create User - db.createUser()

Creates a new database user. db.createUser() method returns a duplicate user error, if the user already exists on the database.

db.createUser(user, writeConcern)

user - document contains the user authentication and access information of the user.

writeConcern - Optional document parameter , Introduce in version 2.6. It describe level of acknowledgement requested from MongoDB while performing write / create operations to a standalone mongoDB, replica sets, sharded clusters.

user document syntax

user - String type parameter, name of the new user which you want to create.

pwd - String type parameter, The user’s password.

customData - document type optional parameter, Any arbitrary information about user like user full name , employee id or department etc.

roles - array type parameter, which helps to specify the user roles. You can specify built-in roles or user-defined roles. If you don't want to specify user roles then pass an empty array [] to create users method.

 user: "<name>",
 pwd: "<cleartext password>",
 customData: { <any information> },
 roles: [
  { role: "<role>", db: "<database>" } | "<role>",

db.createUser() Example

In below example we will create the new user ("scott") for the database "technicalkeeda" along with its password credentials, custom data information and respected roles.

> use technicalkeeda
switched to db technicalkeeda

> db.createUser(
  user: "scott",
  pwd: "tiger",
  customData: { employeeId: 999, employeeName: "Yashwant Chavan" , dept: "Information Technology"  },
  roles: [ "readWrite", "dbAdmin" ]
 { w: "majority" , wtimeout: 5000 }

Successfully added user: {
        "user" : "scott",
        "customData" : {
                "employeeId" : 999,
                "employeeName" : "Yashwant Chavan",
                "dept" : "Information Technology"
        "roles" : [


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