MongoDB - db.isMaster()

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db.isMaster() - method returns document that describes the role of the mongod instance. If the instance is a member of a replica set, then isMaster returns a subset of the replica set configuration and status including whether or not the instance is the primary of the replica set. Refer following db.isMaster() method syntax.

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db.isMaster() syntax


db.isMaster() output

> db.isMaster()
        "ismaster" : true,
        "maxBsonObjectSize" : 16777216,
        "maxMessageSizeBytes" : 48000000,
        "maxWriteBatchSize" : 1000,
        "localTime" : ISODate("2016-10-29T10:35:52.506Z"),
        "maxWireVersion" : 5,
        "minWireVersion" : 0,
        "readOnly" : false,
        "ok" : 1


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